Member Benefits

Meeting Your Colleagues & Staying Current With Your Profession

Although keeping up with the Law Enforcement industry may seem to be just one more thing to add to your To-Do List, there are several important benefits. By keeping plugged in, you'll make better decisions about your career, both current and future. You'll be able to spot trends and opportunities early on, which can give you a competitive edge. This is especially important if you contribute to shaping your organization's strategy.

Secondly, keeping up-to-date with your industry is key for building relationships with the people who matter. By developing expertise in your industry, you'll earn the trust and respect of the people around you. From a leadership perspective, this is invaluable!

Finally, it will alert you to changes that you need to think about. The Plymouth County Police Officers Association has been a leader in this fundamental, yet very important area for decades.

Complimentary Tactical Training

Robert Bethoney

Robert Bethoney has been appointed as the Plymouth County Police Officers Association “Tactical Trainer.” Prior to his retirement from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, “Captain” Bethoney was best known for his work in the area of Fire Arms and Defensive Tactics training. In addition, he is the holder of a 9th Degree Black Belt in Karate, and is the retired holder of the title of New England Grand Karate Fighting Heavy Weight Champion.

While Bob cannot offer certification courses relative to any department, he is in the position to advance the knowledge and proficiency of all Plymouth County Police Officers Association members in the area of:

- Baton,
- Handcuffing,
- Hand to Hand Combat
- Tactics, and
- Shooting.

In his kindness, he has conceded to offer all this to members free-of-charge. Training will be offered on a scheduled basis, so keep an eye on the Events & News page for details.

Legal Services

Attorney Pat Rogers, ESQ

Plymouth County Police Officers Association are very pleased to announce the official appointment of Attorney Pat Rogers, ESQ, as the official “Legal Advisor” to our Association. In his role, Pat will advise the Association on our legal issues and matters, and has also consented to help our members with Law Enforcement related legal questions.

Pat has mutable years of experience as a law enforcement officer and as an active attorney. In addition, he is one of the principle law teachers at the Plymouth County Police Academy. Pat is well known and very highly respected throughout the Law Enforcement community.

Members Plymouth County Police Officers Association members may contact Attorney Rogers as follows:


Attorney Marty Stevens, ESQ

The Plymouth County Police Officers Association is very pleased to announce the official appointment of Attorney Marty Stevens, ESQ. Marty has accepted a position as one of the association’s Legal Advisor’s. He joins Pat Rogers in this capacity. Pat & Marty will both have the titles of “Legal Advisor” to PCPOA.

In his new role, Marty will advise the association on legal issues and related matters. As an added benefit, he has also consented to field legal questions from our members.

Marty is not only a practicing lawyer but committed many years of service as a decorated Massachusetts State Trooper. Many may recognize Mr. Stevens from his efforts as one of the principle law instructors at the Plymouth County Police Academy.

Other Benefits

BJ's Wholesale Club - 15-Month Membership For Only $35

BJ's Wholesale Club has generously offered to extend discounted memberships to all active members of the Plymouth County Police Officers Association - a 15-month membership for $35. To take advantage of this offer, please submit an email message to our association treasurer Jeff Maligno requesting the letter required to establish membership at the BJ's Wholesale Club of your choice.

International House of Pancakes (IHOP) Discount

All law Enforcement personal “In Uniform” get a 50% discount. Out of uniform, you need to display Badge. You get 15% discount.

P.C.P.O.A. Challenge Coins

A number of members have approached us over the year and suggested we look into having P.C.P.O.A. Challenge Coins created. We thought it was a great idea, so Jeff Maligno (Association Treasurer), took the lead on this task and designed and planned out the association challenge coin.

We are accepting only pre orders for the coin. Once we have enough orders to cover the total cost of production, at that time we will place the order. Each coin will cost $10 each.

If you are interested in purchasing the coin, there are two ways to do so:

1- You can purchase them in person at one of the meetings, or

2- Mail a Check/Money Order to the: P.C.P.O.A. PO Box 1042, Mansfield, MA 02048.

If I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact me, Jay Salhanick, President