Are You Interested In Membership?

The Plymouth County Police Officers Association (PCPOA) is open to all Law Enforcement personal located within Plymouth County and throughout the entire Cape Cod Region. Please note the following membership information.

There are three levels of membership:

1. Senior Member

To qualify as a “Senior Member” one must be an “Officially” sworn-in, and or retired Law Enforcement Officer.

2. Associate Member

If you have graduated the academy, but have not officially been sworn in as an official Law Enforcement Officer, you are still eligible to join as an associate member. Once you get officially sworn in from your department. At that time your membership will be automatically upgraded to a full senior member.

3. Honoree Member

The association Board of Directors maintains the right to bestow from time to time and on special occasions “Honoree Membership” to well deserving people.

Download the Membership Application Now (PDF)